What happened until now

Born in the winter of 1965 in the li(o)veable and photogenic Düsseldorf am Rhein.
Grown, raised, teached and lived there till after the high school examen at the humanistic Humboldt Gymnasium.
Already during these years I lived a great enthusiasm for the photography and extraordinary perspectives in the city and nature.
Likewise, I was delighted to share knowledge and experience, and to always consider life from very different perspectives.

My almost 30-year professional career, mostly in people management, intensively nurtured my passion for the recognition, development and promotion of people in and outside the work environment.
The holidays and leisure time were fulfilled by extraordinary travel perspectives, lasting encounters and impressive experiences, usually with the camera as a constant, moment-sharing & sustaining accompaniment.

In the 2010s, significant, existential and profound private life experiences have stimulated my courage to put my talents and abilities from the underpart of simple functionality into the center of my actions, to believe in my vocation & purpose and to start discovering my path in life.
The realization that life does not reasonless provides you with the gift of enthusiasm, talent & potential for certain tasks and purposes, encouraged me to take the step out of the supposed security of a management career into the supposed risk of self-employment in the field of photography and coaching.

I could not have made this decision without all the wonderful and beloved people in my life;
In heartfelt gratitude to my family, friends, and all those whose encounter were and are so valuable and essential.
All this now allows me to share my enthusiasm for photography with you in all its diversity and fascination;
And on the other hand, to coach people with respect, empathy and mindfulness at different stages of their lifes in order to unveil their vocation, purpose and to free their potential.

I am looking forward, hoping to enrich your time with visual enjoyment and to be part of your life journey.

Norbert Steinke