Career Coaching

Competence development and self-management

You want to revive and develop your skills, talents and potentials.
You want to integrate fresh perspectives and inspiration into your everyday practice in the fields of :

• simple conveying of complex contents, vivid & lasting

• active listening & efficient sharing

project management
• basic planning, objective setting & process design

leadership competence
• act respectfully, be authentic & empathic; practise delegation & involvement

If you are interested in evolving these skills, I am looking forward to getting to know you and stimulate your potential in order to encourage your career path together with you.
In a respectful, appreciative, mindful and lively atmosphere.
You should feel at ease and experience progress and inspiration, as well as perceive more pleasure and satisfaction with your vocation.

Based on your talents, abilities and motivation in interaction with my coaching and experience from more than 20 years of employee development and leadership competence in an international environment.

Further details regarding the process / duration, content / objectives and the investment tailored to your possibilities can be discussed with you after contacting.