Photography & I

For me, the fascination of photography has always been to picture the most authentic moment, from an extraordinary perspective or with an inconspicuous detail.
Often, the camera is like a good friend to me, with whom I can share a remarkable moment while travelling and with whom I can later recall the most intense impressions & atmosphere.
Even as a child I have always photographed with my father's old cameras and had the chance to experience how creativity and perspectives develop.
Meanwhile for me photography represents my passion, sharing joy, stimulating challenges, mindfulness, meditation, always new perspectives & even a purpose in life.
It is sometimes comparable to the very conscious and mindful interaction with people and nature, like to be in the very moment, to perceive and discover messages that are not obvious, use all the senses and always discover new perspectives, details and contents.

Like, e.g. the attentive waiting for a special light moment has a similar quality as a mindful listening.
There are many parallels between photography and coaching,
e.g. where do you focus on? rather the detail - like a certain skill, a cutout - like a change in a certain life segment or an overview - like the purpose in life;
means: rather utilize a macro - like a competence coaching, a tele-lens - like a detail analysis or a wide angle-lens - like an overall strategy.

Photography has so many inspiring facets and possibilities to enrich our lives.
I hope I can present you some or making them available for you. Whether by the means of an atmospheric and exclusive photobook, an individual photo or photo series, a new design of your private or business environment, an exhibition, this website, or perhaps even a photographie-inspired coaching.

I am looking joyfully forward to your feedback, contacting or even meeting,

Norbert Steinke