Coaching & I

Already in my youth, I often took or were given the responsibility to support others in order to allow everyone to show their strengths or potentials according to their possibilities.
This was not always considered "cool", but it was of importance to me; especially to see how potential can evolve and people get inspired & passionated by following their purpose in life.
This deep rooted purpose or vocation stimulated me through my entire vita, to this day.
Whether it was in my almost 30-year career of which more than 25 years as a manager, in hundreds of development interviews or in my private environment with family, friends or other encounters, here or travelling in other cultures.
Basically, the fundamental questions that may sound so simple are always again :

Who am I, what’s my status, what do I want, and how do I live my vocation or purpose?

Since, of course, these questions also affect myself intensively, I acquired, in addition to my professional experience and the everyday life teachings, knowledge in a wide variety of approaches in order to find inspirational, supporting and clarifying answers.
As each person is different and requests an individual tailored access to this process, it is essential to look at it from many perspectives.
Just as every extraordinary photo has its own story of creation, and requires both an intuitive and conscious attention.
This is a living bridge to my other passion, photography, which in fact shows fascinating parallels with coaching processes.
In both you find scientific as well as intuitive components, based on research and on life experience.
Derived from those fundamental concepts and strategies, I refer appropriate insights and approaches.
Such as. :
"Violence-free communication" according to Marshall-Rosenberg
"The Work" by Byron Katie
intuitive methodology in coaching processes
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)
"Emotional Intelligence" according to Coleman
mindfulness teachings according to Thich Nhat Hanh
or as mentioned, photography as a methodological approach for coaching concepts and mindfulness
I do not use any of these approaches as a holistic strategy, but merely as supporting tool, concept and inspiration, in order to unveil and evolve the potential mindfully and sustainably.
This is also the case in the area of ​​competence coaching and consulting, which is more assigned to the professional career.
In addition to my practical professional experience and the strategies used in life coaching, I also resource a variety of qualifications gained through courses & seminars from the following institutes and companies such as:
Ogilvy (Presentation Skills)
Qualintra & Hay (360 ° Evaluation)
Energy Factory St. Gallen & Exec Partnership (Leadership Skills)
Life Light (Train the Trainer)
Value Partnership (Change Management)
Hemsley Fraser (Interviewing Skills)

On the one side the broad experience base of my professional practice like:
team management & development
leadership & communication
trainee mentoring & talent promotion
process optimization in the area of ​​communication and project management;
and on the other side,my very eventful life experience like:
managing profound changes and life enhancing processes
a 11-month solo around the world journey
learning from a broad variety of life philosophies
initiating my self-employment
created a combination of talents, potential and acquired skills which enable me to offer you applicable concepts and strategies in the area of coaching and consultancy

I would like to offer you my expertise in combination with these concepts and strategies in order to explore your unique answers to the above questions as well as to stimulate your individual competencies and enhance your company objectives.

Looking forward to valuable, enriching encounters,

Norbert Steinke