Life Coaching

Walk & Talk

The concept for life coaching (as well effective for the career coaching)

"We are most truly and authentic in our genuine environment; the nature"

Many studies, but above all our own feeling confirms that being in nature, under the open sky, positively influences and supports our openness, creativity, basic attitude and the connection with ourselves.
So, why coaching and consulting in offices and closed rooms, in an atmosphere that we all know too well and experience too often.
Therefore my concept includes that our coaching will take place as far as possible in the nature, in an informal environment and in motion.

Are your topics:
• orientation, discovering and evolving your talent and potential
• a status quo analysis in connection with (re)activation of your abilities and uncover your purpose
• develop direction and consider change in times of personal doubts & crisis

Would you like to review and work on these topics;
respectful, mindful, absolutely confidential & empathic;
process-, evolution-, goal- and practice-oriented;
including true to life and scientific knowledge
e.g. from the following areas:
• Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
• intuitive method implementation in coaching processes
• applied Buddhist Life Philosophy, e.g. according to Thich Nhat Hanh
• photography as a means to promote mindfulness, intuition, inspiration and creativity
• my personal experience from countless development talks in my over 25-year career in industry,
trade and employee development in an international environment
• and from my continuous private education, life experience, like my travel around the world visiting different cultural societies and life models,
than I am looking pleasantly forward to getting to know you and to create together more clarity in your everyday life, as well as to uncover your potential for your further path and purpose.

Further details regarding the procedure / duration, content / objectives and the investment tailored to your possibilities can be discussed after contacting.