A selection of particular perspectives and authentic moments.
Simply enjoy & be inspired while browsing or searching for a concrete theme or topic.

Photo quality characteristics
• extraordinary perspectives
• high quality
• no subsequent editing
• no staging
• no flash
• a wide diversity of topics (travel, architecture, macro, black and white ...)
• with details
• with stories
• made with passion and mindfulness

Chose photos as an exclusive gift, inspiration, for your own pleasure or to share with friends, visitors or clients.
If you would like to purchase one or more photos, I am glad to support you
• with selecting size and quality
• with compiling serial or color themes - there is more to discover
• as photobook
• with framing suggestions
• with room concepts or exhibitions

I really appreciate you enjoying my photos.
If you would like to acquire photos, in whatever form, I will gladly provide you with all arrangements.
Simply mention the theme name and photo number in the contact box including your wish or request and i will contact you.