Ausflug an die See

Frühjahr 2016

Waking up by the morning sunbeams shining through window ice crystals.
Warmed up with hot chocolate and a shower. Clothed and wrapped with multiple layers, limiting my pedestrian mobility. Out into the yellow-blueish morning-early sun-light. Trudging up the dunes with cold burning lounges and than the view ... now everything was worth it. The highway queuing, the room quest, the delayed sleep due to unkown surrounding and noise radiator, hot chocolate made from water ....

With rising temperatures, thanks to the radiant nature heater, the fingers used for the camera trigger and lenses start moving again. Even the tears, caused by the cold wind while looking through the okular are ebbing.
Tasting like the salty sea. Something in common.
Like the ships orient on the light houses, the sun is my guidingStar when it comes to light & shadow effects.
At the same time she remobilised me by warming up in order to get rid of the heavy winter cloths.
What a precious working trip with memorable results. More images at some time in the gallery or already now on request ...

Norbert Steinke

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