Viet Nam

In the Here & Now

Ganz im Hier & Jetzt sein dank NaturMomenten & LebensMonumenten. Wohlgefühl dank begleitender wertvoller Menschen die zu Freunden wurden und bleiben ... A trip through Viet Nam off the tourist trail. Mindfulness thanks to the teachings and philosophy of Thich Nhat Hanh, the persistently impressive Buddhist teacher, poet and peace-maker.
Compassion through authentic encounters with people for those a loving smile and suffering do not rule out.
Being in here & now thanks to NatureMoments & LifeMonuments.
And deep warm well-being and gratefulness, thanks to the loving company of valuable & enriching people who became and remain friends ...

...more impressions in the gallery and more information about this extraordinary journey, children aid projects or other inquiries, please feel free to contact me ...

Norbert Steinke

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At the Sea At the Sea Spring 2016
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